Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity

Nigeria is a miniature Africa in the sense of its diversity. There are about 521 languages and about 1200 dialects and ethnic groups. The amalgamation of different native kingdoms, ethnic and cultural groups into one geographical location birthed this heterogeneous country.

Over the years, concerted effort has been made to unite these multicultural people but to no avail. It is a no brainer that the country has been divided and disunited by the political class.

During our recently held Music and Arts Festival, the Nigerian Contingents lend their voices to the call for peace and unity through a play entitled UNITY IN DIVERSITY. The call for unity was portrayed by the brooms being broken easily when they were single out but very difficult to break when in a bunch.

After thrilling the crowd with beautiful displays of dance, songs, food presentations, runway parades, etc They gave a clarion call for persons of 18 years and above to go and get their PVC.


Team Naija won third position for their beautiful display of the beauty of Africa. Kudos to you all.

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