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Our primary school, with its conducive learning environment and a team of dynamic teachers,  provides a cross-curricular and inclusive teaching process which enable children to make connections with what they learn in school and what is obtainable outside the classroom. This is to equip them with useful skills for after school life. We are keen on inculcating functional knowledge and skills that will be useful to our children in finding their place in society.
Which is why we adopted the pedagogical strategies of the National Curriculum of England in all subjects while still maintaining the core content of the Nigerian curriculum.

Apart from curricular activities, we ensure our children engage in extra-curricular activities that will enhance their well-being. Here in Wellspring, we believe that play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.

In conclusion, we take seriously the character development of our children as education without character is like a body without a soul. So we instil our core values in the children in other to shapen their view of the world and make them become great personalities in the future.

Key learning areas

Develop independent, creative
and critical thinkers


Our Primary students spend one- on- one time reading every day with our reading instructor


Children’s math experiences expand as they count higher, compare more, make graphs, expand patterning skills

Bible Studies

Our beliefs are that the Bible is the Word of God. This also means in school it is important to teach the important things

Physical Education

The main goal for our Primary classes is to focus on their basic locomotive skills


Students are involved in many fun art projects consisting of different mediums such as painting, play dough, cutting...

Information Technology

The main goal for our Primary classes is to focus on their ICT skills


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