Welcome to our early Year section

The Early Years is a very important stage in a child’s development and learning journey as it sets the standard and building blocks to other life long learnings and to school readiness.
At Wellspring Preparatory School, we ensure the holistic development of our children with a combination of structured and unstructured activities of a richly blended curriculum as our early year’s children play, grow and achieve.
Our classes are divided into: 

  1. Playgroup (1-2 years)
  2. Pre- Nursery (2-3 years)
  3. Nursery1 (3-4years)
  4. Nursery 2 (4-5 years)

We make school fun with our hands-on play-based programs using a thematic approach that brings school and home together to support the child. Our daily reading strategy is helpful in building early readers and children certainly enjoy our music and movement sessions.
The extracurricular activities we provide through ballet, mucky ducks, sticky-yummy and speak-out after school programmes continue to build the confidence of our young learners in our well stimulated and safe environment.