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Children are a gift from God. They come with different abilities and potentials. Some are very precocious while others are a bit laid back. Whatever attributes they possess, they are very special.

Growing up, I was told that I am gifted. I could solve mathematics problems without drawing the strokes or circles like my classmates would do. This earned me the nickname “calculator” from my class teacher who was fond of me. I was praised for knowing how to read earlier than others and saddled with the responsibility of monitoring the class and writing the names of noisemakers.

I was measurably at the top of the class. This bolstered my confidence in and outside the classroom. However, this self-awareness didn’t translate into unwavering confidence in the face of challenging schoolwork. How I gradually began to lose interest in mathematics, I couldn’t tell. I bought into the lie held by most of my classmates that mathematics was hard; but this was the same mathematics I was eating for breakfast, a piece of cake.

Wellspring preparatory school Umuahia

“What could have happened to this genius?” My teacher thought. I was reported to my dad for losing focus and associating with bad friends. However good intention this conclusion was, it was not the reality. It only scratched the surface as the problem was deep-seated. No one could have ever thought that I was drowning in excessive praise.

Recently, I stumbled on research about the inverse power of praise. I was stupefied by the conclusions. I thought I have some knowledge of motivation because I studied Psychology of education back then in school and have done some courses on behaviour management which always broach the subject matter, but these findings have explained an age-old mystery that eluded my teachers and parents. These findings have illuminated my hitherto wrong views about motivation and explained why my grades plummeted, especially in mathematics.

I was told I was a genius by my teachers and parents and it got into my head. I believe I could do everything effortlessly that whenever I faced a challenging task, instead of racking my brains to solve it, I would shove it aside because I thought geniuses shouldn’t sweat at anything. So I selected what comes easy to me as “my thing”, anything that eludes me is not ” my thing”. That was the beginning of my academic turmoil.

Kids seating together

According to Dr Carol Dweck, cited by Po Bronson 2009, “when we praise children for their intelligence, we tell them that this is the name of the game: Look smart, don’t risk making mistakes.”

These were the lines that connected the nexus of my failure in mathematics. I remember vividly the day I was flogged at the back of my hands for not getting the correct answers to a fraction. Wrong as the punishment was but that was not the remote demotivating factor.

Dweck discovered that those who think that innate intelligence is the key to success begin to discount the importance of effort. I AM SMART, the kids reasoning goes; I don’t need to put out the effort. (Po Bronson 2009)

Could this be the reason why I gave up on so many things prematurely? I remember I had tried playing basketball as a sport but the day I flunked in a tournament and I was laughed at, I didn’t return to the court again.

Only if I was taught that intelligence is not innate and the brain is a muscle, giving it a harder workout makes you smarter, who knows if I would have been a basketball star by now. Dr Lisa Blackwell research shows that when children are taught about how the brain grows new neurones when challenged, they tend to improve their study habits and grades.

However, this is not to say children should not be praised at all, a large literature on praise shows that it can be effective—a positive, motivating force. But for praise to be effective researchers have agreed that it needs to be specific.

The sincerity of praise is very crucial. Children are sophisticated enough to see and feel our true intentions. This fact replicates many research findings.

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wellspring preparatory school bicycle day

World Bicycle Day 2022

“In April 2018, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 3 as International World Bicycle Day.

The resolution for World Bicycle Day recognizes “the uniqueness, longevity and versatility of the bicycle, which has been in use for two centuries, and that it is a simple, affordable, reliable, clean and environmentally fit sustainable means of transport.”

wellspring preparatory school bicycle day

wellspring preparatory school bicycle day


It is against this backdrop that we commemorate the day in a grand style. Our children rode their bicycle round the school during break time. It was fun and they got to exercise their body as well.??????

wellspring preparatory school bicycle day


wellspring preparatory school bicycle day

wellspring preparatory school bicycle day

wellspring preparatory school bicycle day







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Gen Alpha is a group of people born around 2010. Their emergence coincides with the launching of the first Apple iPad. With the increasing advancement in artificial intelligence, this generation will continuously be dependent on the virtual world instead of the physical world. This is because they are born into a fully digital world and rely on technology to understand the world.

According to Mark McCrindle, an Australian researcher who came up with the nomenclature, Gen Alpha, this generation is different from the previous ones because it is at a crossroads of technological revolution.

“The technological advances that humanity has been experiencing throughout the 21st century are changing the planet and its inhabitants, both socially and economically.” (Iberdola)

Children from zero to 11 years old are referred to as digital natives or screen agers. Their lives and personality are remarkably different because of the influence of devices on them early in life.

As a school, we are abreast with these advancements in science and technology and have keyed into it as a forward-thinking school. We are cognizant of the fact that all our children fall under the Gen Alpha. Hence the need to accommodate them.

Also, as parents, you must understand some of their idiosyncrasies and create a good virtual/physical nurturing environment.

Many scholars agree that this generation will be the most educated compared to their predecessors. They are tech-savvy and AI( Artificial Intelligence) is their reality. Understanding these and many other characteristics like the fact that social media is their dominant mode of interaction will ease up the burden of trying to make them fit into the mold of the previous generations.

It’s believed that this generation will be religiously defiant and go against the rules. Any parents who will be successful at instilling discipline in these children must understand that times have changed and the old rugged approach to parenting is now obsolete and ineffective. Smarter and firmer ways of raising children should be considered in other to fit round pegs in round holes.

World Book Day 2022


People read for different purposes and to satisfy different needs. Some people love to read historical books of influential people. Some connect more to horror books, crime novels, children literature and other fictions. Regardless of our book preference and reasons, it is important that we read and enjoy reading.

world book day


The world book day which began on the 23rd of April 1995, by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is set to celebrate books and authors and encourage the act of reading. The world book day exist to encourage spirited individuals to donate books to schools and children. It is also to encourage everyone irrespective of age and status on the importance of reading.

The international world book day is celebrated every first Thursday in the month of March. This year, the world book day was celebrated on the 3rd of March 2022, with the theme, ‘You Are a Reader’. This event is centered on encouraging children to read and create awareness on books. It is also a means of raising funds for children in the 3rd world countries.

The children of wellspring preparatory school Umuahia, were not left out of the celebration. The children from each class came up with beautiful ideas to celebrate the day. Dressed in an array of resplendent costumes, the children presented quotes on reading, some spoke on the importance of reading, some on the history and relevance of the international world book day and others dressed up as book characters.

Characters represented were; Cinderella from the book Cinderella, Sleeping beauty from the book Sleeping beauty, Olanna from the book Half of a yellow sun, Okonkwo from the book Things fall apart, Mr. Brown from the book Things fall apart and Little red riding hood from the book Little red riding hood.

wellspring preparatory umuahia
wellspring preparatory world book day 2022

Truly, the importance of books and reading cannot be overemphasized. Books bring to life thoughts, ideas and images. Reading takes you on a fun trip without moving your feet. You are a reader and we dare to say you are a leader. You are what you read.

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